Render Mapbox style in CesiumJs

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Render Mapbox style in CesiumJs

Render Mapbox style in CesiumJs. This project is very simple, because the complex rendering task is compeleted by mapbox-gl-js, you should also check Mapbox-vector-tiles-basic-js-renderer for more detail.


How to use

Clone the project and then place the file in src to appropriate folder.

  1. construct ImageryProvider instance

    let options = {
      style: Object // Mapbox Style Object, required.
    let provider = new ImageryProvider(options)
  2. add ImageryProvider instance to Cesium Viewer

  3. destroy provider if not in used



There is an simple example, see example folder. run:

git clone
cd MVTImageryProvider/example
npm i
npm start




Known Issue

  1. raster layer & background layer are not supported yet.

  2. WARNING: Too many active WebGL contexts. Oldest context will be lost

    The maximum number of webgl context is 16 in chrome, and each MVTImageryProvider has its own webgl context for rendering. If too many MVTImageryProvider instance is created, the above warning may be raised and errors will occure in cesiumjs. So destroy the unused provider first, ensure that the total webgl context number not exceeds the limitation of your browser.


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