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QGIS Open Day (25-11-2022)


Welcome to the November 2022 QOD sessions on QGIS and how to contribute to the documentation and how to compile QGIS.

Simply watch the Youtube Livestream and comment on the day, or catch the recording if you can't make the live session.

To keep up to date with QGIS Open Day events, please join the Telegram channel or our Revolt channel.

Programme overview:

Virtual events will be taking place online (see links below) and in the links shared in the telegram group, all events are live-streamed on YouTube. See the individual event descriptions below for an indication of where to join each event.

QGISOpenDay 25 November 2022

No Name Time Speaker Country Language
1 Q/A about QGIS Relations and their Widgets and Plugins 09H00 UTC David Signer Country English
2 Taking QGIS2Web Maps a Step Further 10h00 UTC Dror Bogin Israel English
3 View and track changes of vector data in QGIS using Mergin Maps 13h00 UTC Saber Razmjooei UK English
4 The QGIS Styling Extravaganza! 15h00 UTC Ethan Snyder USA English


No Name Role Contact
1 Amy Session planning and speaker coordination Contact Amy via the Telegram Channel username ins>@Amz
2 Seabilwe Social Media Contact Seabilwe via the Telegram Channel username ins>@Seabilwe
3 Victoria Support Contact Victoria via Telegram Channel username @Victoria Neema


Q/A about QGIS Relations and their Widgets and Plugins

Time: 25 November 2022 09h00 UTC.

Duration: ~30-45 min

Venue: YouTube Link,Jitsi Link

Presenters: David Signer

We will show you some examples of plugins that implement special cases with the Relation Editor Widget. After that you can ask us anything about QGIS Relations and their Widgets.

Taking QGIS2Web Maps a Step Further

Time: 25 November 2022 10 UTC.

Duration: 15-30 mins

Venue: YouTube Link,Jitsi Link

Presenters: Dror Bogin

QGIS2Web is an amazing plugin, allowing users to create interactive maps at the push of a button. It does however has its limits, but you can improve the output maps with a little tinkering creating maps that stay up to date or even display 3D data.

View and track changes of vector data in QGIS using Mergin Maps

Time: 25 November 2022 13h00 UTC.

Duration: ~ 60 mins

Venue: YouTube Link,Jitsi Link

Presenters: Saber Razmjooei

Tracking changes to your spatial data can be tricky and time-consuming. With Mergin Maps, you can easily visualize and record changes to your data. It offers you tools also to generate reports of changelogs for auditing and data QA.

The QGIS Styling Extravaganza!

Time: 25 November 2022 15h00 UTC.

Duration: ~ 60 mins

Venue: YouTube Link,Jitsi Link

Presenters: Ethan Snyder

QGIS has a plethora of fun styling features, so why create a boring map! Showcasing some symbology and map styling I made during the 30-Day Map Challenge, we will explore some fun and interesting symbology settings. Layer Blending Modes, Raster Band manipulation, and parameterized SVG files are just some of the fun cool things we will be exploring.

This session will also be user-driven! You're invited to ask questions regarding symbology and styling, or even share some cool maps and symbology from either your personal map collection, or from the 30 day map challenge yourself!

Adding more events

You can do this too! We really encourage others to follow our initiative, using the wiki page link below to organise your plans (just add a section below the last one). You can host virtual meetups in the Jitsi room, plan your next steps to take QGIS further down the road to world domination and much much more. We encourage language and region-specific huddles, documentation improvement sessions, bug fixing, making beautiful maps, and working together to do amazing things with QGIS.

We would really love to see more events offered from our country user groups and broader user base. The content can be at any skill level and in any language you like, and the times can overlap if needed. So please feel free to organise your activities on this wiki page. The QGIS Open Day is also an ideal time to hold virtual country user group meet-ups - please share your activities on the open day schedule, so that even people from outside of your country user group can benefit from your presentations. Contact me (see below) if you need help adding your events to the wiki page.

QGIS Open Day Promotion Materials

You can help us by spreading the word! We have prepared the following materials so that you may easily copy and paste the relevant contents to publish on your media platform of choice to let others know about these awesome events.

About QGIS Open Day

Dear QGIS Users

On Friday, 25th November 2022 we will be holding our monthly QGIS Open Day! What is a QGIS Open Day you may be wondering to yourself? It is an initiative to replace the wonderful community meetups we used to hold every six months when times were different. Like our in-person meetings, the event is organised on the principle of self-organisation and community participation.


  • Session 1:

Where to watch

Please see the event wiki page at QOD-November-2022 Wiki for all the details of times and links for participation.


All the events are recorded and made available to users who couldn't make the live events. Youtube live streams are automatically available for catch-up viewing. Reviewing video links for individual events should work without a hitch, but you can also catch up on recordings from the QGIS Youtube channel:

Code of Conduct

Participants are kindly reminded to please read and observe our QGIS Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement to make these events a great experience for everyone!

Please contact the Lead QOD Event Organiser, Amy by email [email protected], or via the Telegram Channel username ins>@Amz if you have any queries or need help setting up events.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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