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PostgreSQL Window – Tạo Password File để dùng pg_dump

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PostgreSQL Window - Tạo Password File để dùng pg_dump

Thực hiện

The file .pgpass in a user's home directory can contain passwords to be used if the connection requires a password (and no password has been specified otherwise). On Microsoft Windows the file is named %APPDATA%\postgresql\pgpass.conf (where %APPDATA% refers to the Application Data subdirectory in the user's profile). Alternatively, a password file can be specified using the connection parameter passfile or the environment variable PGPASSFILE.

This file should contain lines of the following format:


Vào thư mục C:\Users\[tên login window của bạn]\AppData\Roaming\postgresql

Tạo file pgpass.conf với nội dung


Ví dụ



Kết quả

Ví dụ tool backup của mình là gen file sql, zip nó lại rồi copy qua ổ đĩa mạng để backup

::PostgreSQL 5433 postgis_31_sample
"C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\10\bin\pg_dump.exe" -p 5433 -U postgres "postgis_31_sample" > "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql"
::copy /Y "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql" "\\RaiDrive-dtlong\SFTP\Database\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql"
"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql.zip" "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql"
copy /Y "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql.zip" "\\RaiDrive-dtlong\SFTP\Database\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql.zip"
del "D:\scron\db\pgsql\postgis_31_sample.sql"


Tham khảo

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  2. https://smallareahealthstatisticsunit.github.io/rifDatabase/Postgres/production/windows_install_from_pg_dump.html

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