[Paper] Visualization of 3D Survey Data for Strata Titles

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Abstract: Major cities and urban areas are beginning to develop and use 3D properties and public
facilities. Consequently, 3D cadastral surveys are increasingly being employed for strata unit
ownership registration as a part of land administration services. At present, most national land
information systems do not support 2D and 3D cadastral visualizations. A field survey or validation
survey is required to determine the geometry of 3D spatial units for property registration. However,
the results of 3D surveys and mapping are not stored in the land information system. This work aims
to integrate 2D and 3D geospatial data of property units collected from cadastral surveys with their
corresponding legal data. It reviews the workflow for the use of 3D survey data for first-titling of
3D properties in Indonesia. A scenario of use and a prototype were developed based on existing
practices and the possibility of extending Indonesia’s Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)
to represent 3D units. Data submitted to the prototype as 3D geometries was survey data from 3D
cadastral surveys or validation surveys utilizing terrestrial survey methods. The prototype used
PostGIS and Cesium Ion to store 3D geometries of data from six 3D surveys. Registrars in local land
offices could use the prototype to undertake strata unit registration that establishes a relationship
among geospatial features and their survey documents and legal documents. Cesium JS was used as
a 3D browser, customized as a web application, to manage and visualize 3D survey data to support
strata title registration. The results demonstrate that the first titling of 3D cadaster objects could be
conducted and properly visualized in Indonesia by extending the existing LADM with more support
for 3D spatial representations and survey documents.

Keywords: 3D survey; 3D visualization; 3D cadastral registration; land information systems; spatial
databases; strata titles

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