Deprecated HTML Tag List

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Danh sách các thẻ HTML không còn được các trình duyệt hỗ trợ


<acronym> Tells the browser that the characters it contains are an acronym or abbreviation. <abbr>
<applet> Defines embedded Java applet. <object>
<basefont> Specifies the default font size and color of the text. It can be used several times inside the <head> or <body> tags.  
<big> Increases the font size by one conventional unit. CSS styles
<blink> Creates an enclosed text, which flashes slowly. animation
<center> Aligns the content to the center. text-align
<dir> Defines a list of directory titles. <ul>list-style
<embed> Used as a container for external applications, multimedia and interactive content that the browser doesn’t understand. <object>
<font> Defines the font characteristics. CSS styles
<frame> Defines a specific window, a frame, where we can load another web page. <iframe>
<frameset> Defines the structure of a frame, number of columns and rows, and how many percent/pixels it will occupy in a frame.  
<isindex> Displays search strings in the current document. <form>
<noframes> Contains an alternate text to be displayed in browsers that do not support frames.  
<marquee> Creates a scrolling text or an image. animationtransform
<menu> Defines where to open the link. <ul>
<plaintext> Tells the browser, that its content must be displayed as an ordinary text without formatting. <pre>
<s> Defines a text, which is not relevant anymore. text-decoration
<strike> Defines the strikethrough text. <del><s>CSS styles
<tt> Defines text to be displayed in monospace or fixed-width font as it would appear on a teletype or typewriter. font-family<kbd><code><spam>
<u> In HTML 4.01 specifies an underlined text. In HTML 5, specifies text that is stylistically different from normal text. text-decoration

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