Crops in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (FoMT)

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Crops (FoMT)

Crops are vegetables and fruits that can be grown and harvested on the farm. Growing crops is an excellent way to make money. Crops are seasonal and can only be grown in a specific season, otherwise they won't grow and eventually die.

There are two categories of crops. First are crops that can be harvested only once, and the others are renewable (meaning, they can be harvested numerous times). It is advised to plant crops at the start of the season so they can be harvested more and yield larger profit.

Flowers can also be grown, except they are not shippable save for Red Magic Grasses. That does not mean they are worthless; they can be used as gifts for townsfolk and/or decorations for the farms.

Most seeds are available as early as the beginning of the game, and the rest are unlockable once players have shipped certain amounts of crops.

Seeds can be bought at the Supermarket and Won's Shop. Their inventories are different, so check both shops. Once purchased, the seeds will be placed in the rucksack, or the toolbox if the rucksack is full.

Growing Crops

Growing plants in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is pretty similar to Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. To plant the seeds, till a 3x3 space with a hoe for each bag of seeds to be planted. Make sure the field is clear of branches, stones, and weeds beforehand by using an axe, hammer, and sickle as needed, or by hiring Harvest Sprites to clear away debris. Then, stand in the middle square and scatter the seeds. Otherwise, the seeds will fall onto untilled soil and will not grow. Once planted, water then with a watering can. If it empties, go next to a pond or river and press B to fill it. Water crops once everyday else seeds will not sprout, and sprouts will wilt and die. If it is raining that day, crops do not need to be watered.

Once the season changes, any off-season crops still on the farm field will wilt and die. Use the sickle to cut wilted crops, then plant new seeds on top of the still-tilled soil.

Crops cannot be grown in Winter, and unlike in Back to Nature, there is no equivalent to the Hothouse.

When crops are fully grown, they can be harvested and thrown into the shipping bin, used as cooking ingredients, or given to townsfolk as presents. Flowers can also be used as gifts for townsfolk. The rare Magic Red Flowers can be shipped as well.

Some crops can be used as animal feed. Corn can be converted to bushels of Chicken Feed via the farm's windmill. One corn crop creates 30 bushels of Chicken Feed. Grasses create Fodder to feed cows and sheep. Unlike other plants, grass requires a sickle to harvest.

List of Crops & Flowers

Spring Crops & Flowers


Summer Crops & Flowers


Fall Crops & Flowers


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