Awesome 3D Tiles

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Awesome 3D Tiles

A curated list of awesome open source software, libraries, tools and resources for 3D tiles.

Contributions welcome. Add links through pull requests or create an issue to start a discussion.

3D Tiles is an open specification for sharing, visualizing, fusing, and interacting with massive heterogenous 3D geospatial content across desktop, web, and mobile applications.

3D Tiles is an OGC community standard.


Game engine and 3D modeling tool integrations (Open source)

Tile creation (Cesium GS Inc)

  • Cesium Ion (SaaS)
  • CDB to 3D Tiles - OGC CDB → 3D Tiles.
  • Cesium Native - C++ library for 3D Tiles streaming, glTF processing.
  • glTF Pipeline - Javascript tools for glTF / GLB conversion and optimization.

Tile creation (Community)

glTF tools

  • glTF-Transform - glTF-Transform supports reading, editing, and writing 3D models in glTF 2.0 format.
  • Blender exporter - Blender glTF 2.0 Exporter.


Quantized Mesh is a format to encode terrain meshes for efficient client-side terrain rendering. Such files are supported in Cesium and

Learning material / Howtos


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