Stop Windows using port 80 at startup

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Stop Windows using port 80 at startup




Known Windows Services That Listen on Port 80

From Services Manager (run: services.msc), stop and disable these Windows Services which are known to bind to port 80.

Double click Service, and change 'Startup Type' to 'Disabled'...

  1. SQL Server Reporting Services (ReportServer)
  2. Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc)
  3. BranchCache (PeerDistSvc)
  4. Sync Share Service (SyncShareSvc)
  5. World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)
  6. Internet Information Server (WAS, IISADMIN)

skype also using port 80 as default setting and you can uncheck it.

You might, or might not, have some of these Services installed and running.

In my case "SQL Server Reporting Services" was opening port 80.

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