Python concatenate multi video

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Python concatenate multi videos

Hôm nay tình cờ mình cần ghép nhiều video lại với nhau, chợt suy nghĩ hôm trước mình đã dùng python để convert video sang mp4 rồi, giờ thì thử dùng python ghép video luôn xem sao

Thế là bắt đầu thôi!

Today by chance I need to merge many videos together, I suddenly thought that I used python to convert videos to mp4, now try using python to combine videos

So that's the start!



python -c intro.mp4 video.mp4 endtro.mp4 -o output.mp4

from moviepy.editor import concatenate_videoclips, VideoFileClip

def concatenate(video_clip_paths, output_path, method="compose"):
    """Concatenates several video files into one video file
    and save it to `output_path`. Note that extension (mp4, etc.) must be added to `output_path`
    `method` can be either 'compose' or 'reduce':
        `reduce`: Reduce the quality of the video to the lowest quality on the list of `video_clip_paths`.
        `compose`: type help(concatenate_videoclips) for the info"""
    # create VideoFileClip object for each video file
    clips = [VideoFileClip(c) for c in video_clip_paths]
    if method == "reduce":
        # calculate minimum width & height across all clips
        min_height = min([c.h for c in clips])
        min_width = min([c.w for c in clips])
        # resize the videos to the minimum
        clips = [c.resize(newsize=(min_width, min_height)) for c in clips]
        # concatenate the final video
        final_clip = concatenate_videoclips(clips)
    elif method == "compose":
        # concatenate the final video with the compose method provided by moviepy
        final_clip = concatenate_videoclips(clips, method="compose")
    # write the output video file

if __name__ == "__main__":
    import argparse
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
        description="Simple Video Concatenation script in Python with MoviePy Library")
    parser.add_argument("-c", "--clips", nargs="+",
                        help="List of audio or video clip paths")
    parser.add_argument("-r", "--reduce", action="store_true", 
                        help="Whether to use the `reduce` method to reduce to the lowest quality on the resulting clip")
    parser.add_argument("-o", "--output", help="Output file name")
    args = parser.parse_args()
    clips = args.clips
    output_path = args.output
    reduce = args.reduce
    method = "reduce" if reduce else "compose"
    concatenate(clips, output_path, method)

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