[Note] Install GeoServer PGRaster community module

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Previous setup We already have srtm_1arc_v3.tif raster on the postgis_raster database, in the rasters.dem table. The import was done using:

raster2pgsql -s 3763 -N -32767 -t 100x100 -I -C -M -d srtm_1arc_v3.tif rasters.dem | psql -d postgis_raster -h localhost -U geobox -p 5432

Install GeoServer PGRaster community module

We will need the GeoServer PGRaster community module. Download and install the version for your current GeoServer installation.
cd /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/lib
sudo unzip ~/Transferências/geoserver-2.10-SNAPSHOT-pgraster-plugin.zip
Restart Geoserver.

Configure ImageMosaicJDBC store

Step 1: configuration files

We need some configuration files for the ImageMosaicJDBC plugin. Put these files in our GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR/data. File connect.pgraster.xml.inc
   <dstype value="DBCP"/>
   <username value="geobox"/>
   <password value="geobox"/>
   <jdbcUrl value="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgis_raster"/>
   <driverClassName value="org.postgresql.Driver"/>
   <maxActive value="10"/>
   <maxIdle value="0"/>
File mapping.pgraster.xml.inc
<spatialExtension name="pgraster"/>
      <masterTable name="mosaic" >
              <coverageNameAttribute name="name"/>
              <maxXAttribute name="maxX"/>
              <maxYAttribute name="maxY"/>
              <minXAttribute name="minX"/>
              <minYAttribute name="minY"/>
              <resXAttribute name="resX"/>
              <resYAttribute name="resY"/>
              <tileTableNameAtribute name="tiletable" />
              <blobAttributeName name="rast" />
File mosaicpgraster.pgraster.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE ImageMosaicJDBCConfig [
      <!ENTITY mapping PUBLIC "mapping"  "mapping.pgraster.xml.inc">
      <!ENTITY connect PUBLIC "connect"  "connect.pgraster.xml.inc">
<config version="1.0">
      <coverageName name="oek"/>
      <coordsys name="EPSG:3763"/>
      <scaleop  interpolation="1"/>
      <axisOrder ignore="false"/>

Step 2: Supporting tables and data

We need one additional table on our postgis_raster database to store simple mosaic metadata.
CREATE TABLE public.mosaic (
    name character varying(254) COLLATE pg_catalog."default" NOT NULL,
    tiletable character varying(254) COLLATE pg_catalog."default" NOT NULL,
    minx double precision,
    miny double precision,
    maxx double precision,
    maxy double precision,
    resx double precision,
    resy double precision,
    CONSTRAINT mosaic_pkey PRIMARY KEY (name, tiletable)
Add our raster to this mosaic metadata table, assigning the name mosaicpgraster:
insert into mosaic (name,tiletable) values ('mosaicpgraster','rasters.dem');

Step 3: Create a new datastore

Create a new ImageMosaicJDBC store. For the URL, use the file we created: file:data/mosaicpgraster.pgraster.xml. Add data store Save it.

Step 4: Create a new layer from the store

Step 5: Preview the layer

Layer preview https://github.com/lcalisto/workshop-postgis-raster/blob/master/doc/geoserver.md]]>

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