Leaflet vector tiles example

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Leaflet vector tiles example

Vector tiles Plugins to display vector tiles.

Plugin Description Demo Maintainer
geojson-vt Efficient library for slicing GeoJSON data into vector tiles on the fly. Mapbox
Hoverboard Render vector tiles on canvas with leaflet (geojson, topojson, and protobuf). Compatible with Leaflet 0.7.x only. Demo Tristan Davies
Leaflet.MapboxVectorTile A Leaflet Plugin that renders Mapbox Vector Tiles on canvas. Compatible with Leaflet 0.7.x only. Demo SpatialDev
Leaflet.VectorGrid Display gridded vector data (GeoJSON or TopoJSON sliced with geojson-vt, or protobuf vector tiles) in Leaflet 1.0.0. Demo Iván Sánchez
Leaflet.VectorTileLayer A Leaflet layer for displaying vector tiles. Very similar to Leaflet.VectorGrid except for styling: a single style can be specified for all layers while VectorGrid requires knowing layer names in advance. For Leaflet 1.0.0. Joachim Kuebart
leaflet-geojson-vt Displaying the vector tiles of GeoJSON data on the fly on leaflet Demo Tek Kshetri



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