Awesome Docker Compose

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Awesome Docker Compose

Danh sách các Docker Compose phổ biến
Just pull and run =))

Awesome Compose Awesome


A curated list of Docker Compose samples.

These samples provide a starting point for how to integrate different services using a Compose file and to manage their deployment with Docker Compose.


The following samples are intended for use in local development environments such as project setups, tinkering with software stacks, etc. These samples must not be deployed in production environments.


Samples of Docker Compose applications with multiple integrated services

Single service samples

Basic setups for different platforms (not production ready - useful for personal use)

Getting started

These instructions will get you through the bootstrap phase of creating and deploying samples of containerized applications with Docker Compose.


Running a sample

The root directory of each sample contains the compose.yaml which describes the configuration of service components. All samples can be run in a local environment by going into the root directory of each one and executing:

docker compose up -d

Check the of each sample to get more details on the structure and what is the expected output. To stop and remove all containers of the sample application run:

docker compose down


We welcome examples that help people understand how to use Docker Compose for common applications. Check the Contribution Guide for more details.

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