Batch tools Landsat Images Download by Soiqualang_Chentreu

Tool to download Landat Images by Soiqualang_Chentreu.

Gen batch tool download Landsat Images by Scene

Command Parameters

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OPTION, --option=OPTION
                        scene or liste
  -l FIC_LISTE, --liste=FIC_LISTE
                        list filename
  -s SCENE, --scene=SCENE
                        WRS2 coordinates of scene (ex 198030)
  -d START_DATE, --start_date=START_DATE
                        start date, fmt('20131223')
  -f END_DATE, --end_date=END_DATE
                        end date, fmt('20131223')
  -c CLOUDS, --cloudcover=CLOUDS
                        Set a limit to the cloud cover of the image
  -u USGS, --usgs_passwd=USGS
                        USGS earthexplorer account and password file
  -p PROXY, --proxy_passwd=PROXY
                        Proxy account and password file
  -z UNZIP, --unzip=UNZIP
                        Unzip downloaded tgz file
  -b BIRD, --sat=BIRD   Which satellite are you looking for
  --output=OUTPUT       Where to download files
                        Where to download metadata catalog files
  --dir=DIR             Dir number where files  are stored at USGS
                        Landsat collection
  --station=STATION     Station acronym (3 letters) of the receiving station
                        where the file is downloaded
                        Update catalog metadata files

Video Tutorial